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Lamb Consent Form

Lamb Activity Booking and Consent Form

This activity allows participants to have contact and photographs with lambs. Please note that close contact with young ruminants such as these is a high risk activity for the transmission of zoonotic diseases such as e-coli. Young children are particularly susceptible to such illnesses.

Green Meadow Farm have taken the following precautions to minimise the likelihood of illness:

1. Lambs isolated on arrival at farm

2. Lambs seen by vet for general health check during isolation period

3. Daily check by staff that animals are in good health

4. Any unwell animals removed from activity immediately

5. No access to animal pens as part of activity

6. Hand wash facilities provided

7. Trained staff delivering activity

8. Well informed staff able to advise of risks

We ask you to:

1. Listen to and follow all instructions given as part of activity

2. Ensure children do not put hands near face or in mouth during activity

3. Ensure all members of your group wash hands thoroughly using soap and warm water after the activity.

4. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in the activity area – as always we ask that you only consume food and drink in designated areas on site.

This activity is not recommended for anyone who suffers from immune system deficiency.

By signing a child up to this activity the parent/guardian is acknowledging that they are aware of the risks, have been provided with sufficient information to make an informed decision, that they are happy for the child/children to participate in this activity and take full responsibility of children signed up during this activity.

Lamb Mini Session Information.